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Soroptimist International is a leading global women’s voluntary organisation and there has been a club in Tunbridge Wells since 1946. Soroptimists focus on transforming the lives of women and girls, locally, nationally and globally, through education, empowerment and enabling initiatives.

Working in partnership with TWBC the Soroptimists have planted trees, flower beds and planters in

Tunbridge Wells. They have undertaken numerous surveys on benches and toilets and

general facilities within the area and have also published pamphlets on recycling, water saving ideas and ways to cut carbon footprints.

The group undertake litter-picking and one of their current projects is the collection of aluminium cans which we recycle into cash to raise funds for Toilet Twinning ( in a drive to help flush away global poverty. They are aiming for Tunbridge Wells to be granted the status of being a Toilet Twinned Town by involving local schools, community groups, companies and individuals in this initiative by recycling their aluminium cans in exchange for a toilet twinning certificate.

They welcome collaboration to support and deliver projects which will enable our communities.