What will climate change look like in your area?

A resource created by the Met Office and the BBC can show you what the impacts of climate change will be like near you. ​

The Southeast is predicted to experience heavier, more intense periods of rain and hotter drier summers; due to the effects of climate change. This brings a serious risk of more frequent flooding and overheating in the summer.  Adapting and becoming resilient to climate change forms an important part of the council’s work.

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How Will My Area Change?

Climate change impacts across Kent and Medway:

Key projected changes to Kent’s climate The UK Climate Projections from the UKCP18 model identifies these potential changes for Kent (CCRIA):

  • Hotter summers with an increase in average summer temperature of 2 – 3°C by 2040 and 5 – 6°C by 2080.
  • Warmer winters with an increase in average winter temperature of 1 – 2°C by 2040 and 3 – 4°C by 2080.
  • Drier summers with a reduction in average precipitation of 20 – 30% by 2040 and 30 – 50% by 2080.
  • Wetter winters with an increase in average precipitation of 10 – 20% by 2040 and 20 – 30% by 2080.
  • Increases in sea-level rise by up to 0.3m by 2040 and 0.8m by 2080.

The Climate Change Risk and Impact Assessment for Kent and Medway (2020) explains more about the impacts and risks that climate change will have in our county.

The UK Government is also required to publish a Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA) every five years. The assessment sets out the risks and opportunities facing the UK from climate change.  Details on this work can be found here.