In March 2021, Cabinet approved the Corporate Carbon Descent Plan.

The Corporate Carbon Descent Plan outlines the council’s vision for managing and reducing emissions arising from its own activities over the next 10 years. This plan is accompanied with an action plan which is reviewed and updated annually.  

The Council engaged an external consultant (LASER) to conduct a detailed assessment of current CO2 emissions across the Council’s services and estate. This enables the Council to know its total footprint and identify the buildings or services generating the highest CO2 emissions so they can be prioritised first for future action.  

This Corporate Carbon Descent Plan brings together the results of the carbon audit and the extensive modelling work conducted by LASER and the CEAP panel. It includes some obvious measures (such as LED lighting and solar panels) but also sets out less obvious potential measures such as Power Purchase Agreements and investment in an out-of-borough solar farm.

The Descent Plan, will inform and influence the Council’s corporate strategies, plans and policies, including the Council’s new ‘Five Year Plan’. 

Details and the associated documents to the adoption of the Descent Plan can be found here.

Corporate Carbon Descent Plan