The TWBC Climate Action website was launched in March 2022 as a platform dedicated to climate change, sustainability, and community action across the borough.

It has been designed to share climate-related news, events, and resources to members of the community. Its purpose is to expand the network of those interested in climate action and to increase community engagement with the climate crisis.

Our climate action website was developed by our very own digital services, communications and sustainability team. Their collaboration helped create an easy-to-navigate structure with informative content and eye-catching designs. It is a dynamic platform and it has been designed to grow as new projects, people and reports are added. We are excited to watch it grow into an informative and collaborative community space.

Meet the team

Meet the TWBC Sustainability team.

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Portfolio holder

Portfolio holder for Environment, Sustainability and Carbon Reduction.

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Contact the team

Contact the TWBC Sustainability team.

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