As a council, we understand the role we play in not only reducing our own emissions (from our own operations) and helping the borough transition towards net zero, including supporting Kent in reaching its county wide net zero target by 2050.  Working together with each other across our borough, and local areas we can begin to make significant reductions in our emissions and create real and positive improvements to our local environment.  At the same time we will also need to be fully prepared for a changing climate and ensure all our communities, natural environment and our economy is protected.

Climate Emergency Declaration

In July 2019, Full Councildeclared a Climate and Biodiversity emergency.

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Corporate Carbon Descent Plan

Our vision for managing and reducing emissions arising from our own activities over the next 10 years.

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Our own operations

We have already taken steps to improve the energy efficiency of our buildings

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Biodiversity is in serious decline with many species having suffered dramatic drops in population.

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Our progress

Borough-Wide Climate Change Strategy
Our partners: