Calculating your emissions allows for the identification of a carbon footprint. This is the amount of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions emitted as a result of your personal or organisation’s activities. This covers energy and water use, industrial processes, vehicle use, material purchases and wider supply and value chain.

Why calculate your emissions?
Calculating your emissions is an important first step to allowing a detailed understanding how you or your organisation is contributing to climate change. This allows you to implement plans to reduce them.

Calculating emissions on an annual basis allows you to monitor changes over time and reveals how effective decarbonisation measures have been. If you have set a net zero target, annual emissions calculations will allow you to plot your progress.

How to calculate your emissions

The below guidance document provides a step by step process to calculating emissions and tracking them over time. TWBC has also developed a basic greenhouse gas emissions report template to provide a simple first step to calculating emissions. This template will be updated annually to include the latest emissions factors.