In response to the council’s Climate Emergency Declaration in 2019, Tunbridge Wells Borough Council have set a commitment to review the actions that it needs to take to address this emergency.  Including how the wider community, businesses, organisations and individuals can be encouraged to make their own contributions to meeting a goal to make the Borough carbon neutral by 2030.


As a result of political commitment from all parties within the Council and agreement from Cabinet a draft Borough-Wide Climate Change Strategy has been developed as a response to the council’s Climate Emergency Declaration and as a next-step after the publication of their Corporate Carbon Descent plan (2021), which solely focuses on emission reductions from the council’s own operations.

The strategy has used an evidence-based approach to develop the draft actions which the council, stakeholders and residents can take to ensure a reduction in emissions across the borough. The proposed actions for the strategy have been divided into seven thematic areas:

  1. Transport
  2. Buildings and Energy Efficiency
  3. Natural Environment
  4. Waste and Resource Consumption
  5. Renewable Energy Generation
  6. Communities and Engagement
  7. Adaptation

The portfolio holder for Environment, Sustainability and Carbon Reduction and the Climate Emergency Advisory Panel, supported by the Sustainability Team have led on the creation of this draft strategy, proposed action plan and resident engagement activities. This draft plan has also been developed in full collaboration with all departments across the council.

Breakdown of the Strategy

The strategy is made up of two-primary documents:

  • *DRAFT* Borough-wide Climate Change Strategy Master Document and Action Plan: ‘Tackling the Climate Emergency Together: our strategy for a carbon neutral borough by 2030’.
  • *DRAFT* Supporting evidence document

Stakeholder/Community consultation

A separate document for the consultation phase of the strategy has been created to sit alongside the primary documents. This document includes information about how stakeholders and residents will be consulted upon to help with the development of the strategy.

*DRAFT* Consultation Strategy

Approval of the strategy

Currently, a draft Master Document and Supporting Evidence document have been created. These are available to view online.

The next steps for the council are to undertake the stakeholder workshop and other tasks within the consultation document. The draft strategy and action plan will then be updated where necessary to incorporate the suggestions made from these activities.

Then, a final draft of the Master Document and Supporting Evidence Document will be taken to cabinet and full council to be approved.

Regular updates

The strategy is a dynamic document that will constantly evolve as the needs and priorities of the borough’s stakeholders and resident’s change.

A progress report for the action plan will be published annually. This will be published on the TWBC Climate Action website.

It is important that the council remains diligent in its efforts to help reduce the borough’s emissions to reach net zero, and to maintain this once the target has been met. The annual progress reports will enable the council to scrutinise its work, and ensure projects are managed effectively.