We live in a throwaway society; it is estimated that the UK generated around 222 million tonnes of waste in 2018 (UK GOV). But how can we live in a waste –free world?   

Reducing your waste is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint. Recycling is too – as it saves energy and the need to source new materials from the ground. Recycling an aluminium can uses 95% less energy than it would to source it directly from raw materials.   

One of the council’s key missions is to ensure as much waste as possible is recycled. Find out more about recycling services across the Borough.    

Toy track carrying plastic cups and toy digger.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – but most importantly Refuse!

Can you recycle this? Take the quiz!

Recycle Smart have created a quiz to test your recycling know-how. Do you know what can and cannot be recycled?

Tunbridge Well’s repair café

Tunbridge Wells Repair Café logoA non for profit community organisation helping to reduce waste sent to landfill, prolonging the life of every day items. The repair café is held in the Trinity Theatre. Hosting many different repair stations for: electrical items, textiles, IT equipment, wooden furniture and much more! Check out their page on Facebook.

Go plastic free!

Visit your local Zero Waste shop to shop plastic free! Our local Zero waste shop ‘The Zero Waste Company’ is located in the Pantiles.

The fight against food waste 

Over 1/3 of food produced goes to waste. The UK throws away 9.5 million tonnes of food waste in a single year. Food waste which ends up in landfill produces greenhouse emissions, contributing to climate change.

Reduce your food waste:

Schemes such as love food hate waste have resources teaching you how to reduce your food waste and recipes for leftovers

Have you tried ‘Too Good to Go’? This app helps you buy any surplus, unsold food from local shops in your area – all for a great price.

What about composting?

wheelbarrow full with garden weeds and tools in a garden

Composting your leftover vegetable peelings, food and garden waste can create a nutrient-rich food product for your garden. Compost helps improve soil structure, maintain moisture levels and keeps your soil’s pH balance in check – all important things if you want to keep your garden thriving! Composting at home isn’t as complicated as it sounds as there are different types of composting methods to choose from – all with amazing results!

Read ‘The Ultimate Guide to Composting For Beginners’ for more in-depth information about how to begin composting at home!