Transport is one of the biggest polluting sectors in the UK. In 2019, 27% (UK GOV) of UK’s total emissions came from domestic transport.

By changing the way you travel, you can not only significantly reduce your carbon footprint and help combat the effects of climate change, but also improve your health and wellbeing. Small or large changes all help.

Change the way you travel

Using public transport is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint, reduce emissions and help reduce congestion. Tunbridge Wells has a well-used public transport network: frequent busses and trains are able to link Tunbridge Wells to major cities such as London and Brighton.

Sharing is caring – Join our car club!

Tunbridge Wells car club is hosted by Cowheels.

This membership scheme offers people the use of a car on a pay as you go basis. It provides easy and affordable access to a car when needed, without the cost and inconvenience of owning it. It can be an attractive alternative to car ownership, or to having a second car in the household. Just book, drive and return the car.

You can find out how easy it is to join the Tunbridge Wells Co-wheels Car Club and how much the scheme costs on the co-wheels website.

Kent Connected

Kent Connected is a useful website which can help you travel smarter from A to B. With useful information and guides on how to travel by bike, bus, train and on foot across the county.

Kent Connect

Try Carpooling?

If you’re interested to see who’s travelling your way but just don’t know where to start, sign up to Kentjourneyshare. You can receive updates when other members are travelling your way. You can set your profile to seek or offer a lift – or both!

Active Travel – travelling from A-B in a physically active way

Cycle more! Cycling offers a free, healthy and fast way to travel from A-B. Tunbridge Wells already has some cycle routes ready to use – however there are discussions to introduce new initiatives to promote cycling within the borough.

Walking is another free and healthy alternative to driving. Try walking to work once a week, leaving the car at home and saving on emissions!

Electric vehicles

EVs reduce the emissions which contribute to climate change, and air pollution – which can improve the environment around us. Electric cars can be cheaper to run than diesel and petrol cars, saving you on costs as well.

If you are considering switching to an electric vehicle, try visiting the Energy Saving Trust website for more information about which electric car is the best suited to you.

EV charging points

TWBC has a number of EV charging points located around the town, helping you charge your EV quick and easily. In the future, TWBC hopes to expand the number of available EV charging points across the town, making electric vehicles use more accessible to the local community.

Tried Zap-Map?

Using apps such as Zap-Map can help you locate any EV charging point across the country.

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